Raccoon Removal – Long Island


Important Things You Need To Know About Raccoon Removal

Raccoons steal pet food, eat the bird seed and tip over your garbage cans and next comes the dreaded day you need raccoon removal. Many people consider these creatures quite a pest, especially when their presence can be quite alarming to pets and sometimes they even choose to live in your attic or chimney. When considering raccoon removal, the options are prevention, trapping or repellents.

To avoid requiring raccoon removal, prevention is the key. It is helpful to secure all garbage cans and lids with a bungee cord. Don’t leave dog food outside and if you have a dog door you may want to consider securing it shut unless you want your new pest in your home. If raccoons are getting under your house or deck you can easily install a steel mesh barrier. Utilize all common sense to make raccoons not want to hang around your home.

Raccoons are talented creatures and they are very resourceful to find food and shelter. Raccoons are not only omnivores but they are also opportunists. They will eat from your garbage, eat your pet’s food and even rip through a screen door if there is food available on the other side. They are not afraid of your dog, nor are they afraid of you. Raccoons are nocturnal animals so you probably won’t see them during the day but you will know you need raccoon removal when their presence is known at night.

raccoon-removal2Raccoons are mainly found in urban areas where food is plentiful and in Northern locations such as the United States and Canada they can reach up to 50 pounds. Raccoons are very strong and related to the bear as a distant relative. Many people know they need raccoon removal when they start noticing raccoon droppings in the attic or around the pool. These dropping can contain roundworm which can be transferred to humans or can cause distemper in your pets. Raccoons also have the ability to carry fleas and parasites to transfer to your home and pets. Raccoons like to make a nest in your chimney because it resembles a hollow tree. They can even live in walls or between floors, under a porch and in your shed. They are a mischievous animal, in addition to the common nuisance traits they are known for; they will also kill the fish in your ponds and use your pool as their restroom.

If you think you are going to perform raccoon removal yourself, think again. In most states it is illegal for you to trap and relocate a raccoon. Not only can you end up harming the animal but you can also end up getting bit. There is a reason why there are professionals that take care of this problem.

raccoon-removal3Attempting to use a repellant for your raccoon removal solution is just entertaining to the raccoon. These so-called repellants rarely ever phase the animal at all. Some companies will attempt to sell you coyote or fox urine but it does not work. Neither does mothballs or ammonia so don’t bother. There is not an easy solution for raccoon removal, you need a professional. If a raccoon has found its way into your attic, chances are there are baby raccoons there as well. If you try to do the whole raccoon removal thing yourself you can end up having babies up there starving to death and then you have to deal with the smell of decomposing animals. If you have a raccoon problem a professional must be involved.

You have to be considerate of the animal’s safety and only a wildlife expert who has had their vaccine to protect against rabies should attempt raccoon removal.