BatsBats get very little respect from most people who have problems with them or encounter them. Known to be “America’s most feared animal”, bats are very beneficial to our Long Island ecosystem. One bat can eat over 500 flying insects, often including a lot of mosquitoes, which are ever present across Long Island. Bats are unfortunately one of the most misunderstood wildlife species.

Little brown and big brown bats are the most common bats found on Long Island. Bats usually breed in the fall or winter. Pregnant females congregate in maternity colonies until birth occurs between April and July. There are usually 1-2 young that begin flying at 3-5 weeks of age. Most bat complaints occur in July and August when bats enter houses via construction gaps in eaves, roof lines, unscreened vents, open doors and windows. Bats can squeeze through holes 3/8″ wide which can make them difficult to locate.

ADVANCED Nuisance Wildlife Control Services provides the removal of bats from homes and businesses with specialized techniques and we bat proof the structure to help prevent future conflicts.