DeerThe deer problem on Long Island has accelerated in recent years due to several factors. As the ever-increasing suburban sprawl continues to expand, it actually creates perfect environs where deer can proliferate at alarming rates. With little or no hunting, and no predators in residential areas, the deer are free to multiply as fast as the food supply will permit. Mortality typically only occurs by vehicular collisions or by disease and starvation during harsh winters. Currently it is estimated that Long Island is home to an estimated 20,000 plus white tail deer. The end result of this population explosion of deer is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy the pleasure of a flower or vegetable garden if you live within proximity of this over burdening deer population. Lyme disease has also become a growing concern and the overabundant white tail deer are the primary carriers of the deer tick that spreads this disease. Deer in New York destroy an estimated $11.3 million of landscaping plants and shrubbery every year. They also impact apple orchard farmers to the tune of an estimated $2.4 million in crop losses every year. Currently, deer cause more damage in the northeastern United States than in any other region by any other animal-more than $665million. With out hunting, experts report deer populations in the region could skyrocket 350% in just 10 years. This translates into increased damage and unfortunate highway encounters.

The Solution:

Long Island homeowners, nurserymen and vineyards began experimenting years ago with utilizing fencing to eliminate deer damage on their properties. Most of this fencing was unsightly and ineffective due to its improper installation and misunderstanding of how a white tail deer reacts when it encounters a fence. Repellents, sonic devices and scare tactics were also proven ineffective. Well, the tides have changed.

ADVANCED Nuisance Wildlife Control Services became Long Islands exclusive certified deer fence installer for Benner’s Gardens and Deer Fencers, LLC. in November 2000. Benners Gardens was founded in 1992 and is the originator of virtually invisible deer fencing. When professionally installed it creates a virtually invisible, high strength deer barrier enclosure custom for your property.

We do understand the ways of the savvy white tail deer. We know their habitats, biology, and how they react to the deer fencing. Let us come to your property and show you how we can protect it today. For more information of Benners Gardens and Deer Fencers, LLC go to or call 1-800-BIG-DEER to learn about why the product works.