Residential Restoration Services

Your animals have now been professionally removed and repairs have been made to all entry points and all potential entry points have been animal proofed. Wildlife nesting in your attic utilize your insulation and attic belongings as nesting materials. The animals defecate and urinate in the attic resulting in contamination to your insulation and storage space.

Allergens and disease lurk in this environment. Ceilings may be damaged, wiring chewed, duct work destroyed and host of other problems can arise from a wildlife infestation. Our team of licensed and insured professionals can restore your attic space to it’s original condition and repair any damages derived from your wildlife encounters. In addition to being certified wildlife control professionals were are licensed and insured home improvement contractors.

Protect your health and the value of your home and give us a call today!

You can view photos from some of our previous projects below.

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