Gray Squirrels

Grey_SquirrelsGray Squirrels are Long Island’s #1 nuisance animal. The suburban Gray Squirrel populations are well beyond the carrying capacity of almost every neighborhood on Long Island. Gray Squirrels mate two times a year, first in January-February then again in July-August. The bred female Gray Squirrel has a 44-day gestation period and 2-6 young are born. Gray Squirrels are born in March -April, after the first mating period and again in September-October. Therefore each female Gray Squirrel is capable of bearing 4-12 young a year.

Gray Squirrels are very acrobatic and their front incisor teeth capable of gnawing through nuts, make the Gray Squirrel quite suited for gnawing through fascia, soffit, gable vents, attic fans, roof vents and entering your attic. Gray Squirrels are also well known for entering into both fireplace and boiler flues. It is not uncommon to have a Gray Squirrel running around in your house if your chimney flues are not protected by a well-fit stainless steel chimney cap.

ADVANCED Nuisance Wildlife Control Services provides removal of nuisance Gray Squirrels and provides preventative solutions to prevent future conflicts.