Client Testimonials

We want to thank you SO much for your hard work getting rid of the two raccoons in our roof. You were so wonderful to work with, always prompt and available to get ahold of when the raccoons were the biggest nuisance. When we first heard them, we thought we might have to wait days to have someone come in, but sure enough you came within hours of our phone call! Having animals in our home, especially with them being right above our infant’s room, was a stressful situation, and you were an absolute pleasure to work with, trustworthy, and very reassuring. You came in and got the job done quickly and effectively! We very very highly recommend you to everyone and anyone that may have a wildlife disturbance! Thanks again, Craig!

Let me say that if Craig could be our “repair guy” for everything, we would love it!   We had a terrible raccoon experience, although not nearly as bad as most people that go through this experience, and Craig took care of it the “right way”.  He is extremely professional.  I will miss him, but hope never to go through this again!

It went very smoothly. The removal expert came punctually, and was very humane and efficient in his work. He was also very courteous, which speaks volumes about the relative quality of the company.

Craig Conway from Advanced Nuisance Wildlife Control Services Inc was professional, a pleasure to deal with, didn’t rush us, sat and talked to us, and patched up things on my house that needed to be patched up. He did great work and the price was comparable to competitors. He’s my wildlife therapist for peace of mind.

I needed 2 large custom chimney caps and Craig said he could get them for me. He measured and got me the quote in no time and ordered them. Trusting Craig, I didn’t shop around. I was confident it was fair. Peace of mind is most important to me! I wasn’t able to install them right away and Craig said just make sure to get them on before the spring when they look for a nesting place. I saw a racoon in my yard and called Craig and had him come install them. They were perfect and installed beautifully! Peace of mind again and the best money I ever spent!

I recently heard something in / on our roof or in the gutters and I have Craig’s number ready if I need him! I’m telling you, he is the best and you will be very pleased with his level of service!! THANK YOU CRAIG!

I called Advanced after a horrible experience with another company in 2012 and wasn’t sure if I was free of racoons.Craig came and inspected and calmed me down that there weren’t any others or babies left behind.. He also told me how he would do a removal  or capture if he saw any sign of them. He said there was no need for more traps.

Craig was extremely knowledgeable about my situation and explained it in detail all along the way.  He checked all areas to ensure I was safe and was a true professional through the whole ordeal.  Even though he had to come back 3 times he never even hinted to raise the price.  I would recommend him highly to anyone who has a wildlife situation in their home!